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With all of the top name-brands under one roof and our knowledge inside and out of each and every product we sell, we make it easy to make an educated and informed decision on the right mattress for your sleep needs.

A common mistake mattress shoppers make is to confuse how hard a bed feels with how much support it contains. Support comes from the quantity, quality and design of the innerspring inside the mattress, as well as the density and quality of the foams and conforming materials on the top. A bed with a higher number of individual springs allows for better body conformation, pressure point relief and postural alignment. Furthermore, new technology in mattresses provides the option of specialty beds in Tempur® material, Latex, Gel and Visco memory foam, which offer support where you need it and comfort where you want it, virtually eliminating painful pressure points.

Common Mattress Dimensions

Twin: 39”x75”

Queen: 60”x80”

California King: 72”x84”

Full XL: 54”x80”

3/4 Size: 48”x75” (antique beds are many times this dimension)

Full: 54”x75”

King: 76”x80”

Twin XL: 39”x80”


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