Ergonomic (Adjustable) Bases

Adjustable beds are not just for hospitals anymore, with an increasing number of people working, watching television and reading in bed, an adjustable base can provide you with not only ergonomically correct support, but convenience and comfort.
Traditional flat mattresses don’t allow for proper posture, which results in excess tension on muscles and joints. An adjustable bed also allows pressure to be evenly distributed which decreases strain on the heart and promotes good circulation. Furthermore, virtually unlimited head and foot positions relieve lower back stress and discomfort, can improve breathing and help with common ailments such as acid reflux and snoring.
Newer, state of the art models of bases allow your new adjustable bed to be synced to your tablet or phone. They also provide quiet movement and offer wireless, easy to read remote controls. Features such as massage add an additional level of luxury and comfort. Almost every mattress at Sleep Central is compatible with an adjustable base. There are a variety of options available at numerous price points, making getting an adjustable bed much more affordable than in the past.